Jennifer Davis | 22 August, 2021


How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment? 

Bring your government issued ID! Make sure to eat a nutritious meal before your tattoo appointment, to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Bring a bottle of water and a small snack, and wear loose, comfy clothing. We cannot guarantee we will not accidentally stain your clothes, so choose your wardrobe wisely ☺ 

How much do tattoos cost? What are your prices?

Every tattoo shop has their own pricing policies. The Inkbunny Studios minimum is $100. We price by the piece, using three factors - size, detail and location on the body. Every tattoo piece is different, so you must consult with the artist in order to get an estimate. 

Do you tip a tattoo artist? If so, how much?

Tattoo is a service, so tipping for tattoos is customary in the US. Like any other service, tips are typically 10-20% of the cost of the tattoo, but any amount is much appreciated!

Can a minor get a tattoo with parental consent?

In the state of Georgia AND California, minors cannot get tattooed, even with parental consent, no exceptions. All clients must be 18 years of age or older with a government issued ID. 

Will tattoos get weird and saggy as I get older?

Tattoos become a part of your skin, so yes, it will age as you age. Saggy? Only if your skin is saggy. People ask (in a not so nice way) what I would do when I’m old and wrinkly with my tattoos. I think “I’m gonna be old and wrinkly anyway, so what does it matter? If anything, I'll look like I have many stories to tell.” In other cultures (like the Maori tribe), aged tattoos are a sign of wisdom and call for reverence from other tribe members. 

Will my tattoos need to be touched up years down the road?

UV rays and your immune system are the biggest factors in tattoos fading. Sometimes they do need a touch up after many years. Some don’t. It depends on how it was applied, your skin, how well you take care of it, the pigment color/brand, and if you even want to touch it up. 

Allergic reaction to tattoos?

Allergic reactions are rare, though they can occur. The most common of (rare) allergic reactions is the pigment, red. This is when your skin’s autoimmune system attacks it with a histamine reaction, causing swelling, redness around the area and itching. It can be reduced with time, creams and even tattoo treatments.

Is there something topical I can use to help with the pain?

There are a huge variety of numbing cream brands, but the common ingredient is usually lidocaine. From our experience, there is only a limited time in which to work with numbing creams. Once it wears off, you cannot reapply once the skin is broken. Some clients have reported that the pain is much greater once the cream wears off, than when they hadn’t used it at all. Some clients love it. Sometimes the tattoo might heal strangely, sometimes it heals just fine. There are too many factors and too wide of a range of experiences from clients for us to feel comfortable providing it at the studio. However, clients have come in having applied it right before their session, knowing that it is their personal choice to have used it on their own accord outside of the studio. We can only conclude that this is a personal choice whether to use it or not.

What is your touch up policy?

At The Inkbunny Studios, clients get one free touch up within six months of the initial application of said tattoo. After the six months, touch ups require a minimal charge. However, tattoos placed on the foot, hands/fingers, face are exempt from this touch up policy, since the skin tissue on these areas are volatile for tattoo.

How do I know the tattoo inks (or any other materials used for tattoo) are safe?

A reputable tattoo artist should have the MSDS sheets for all of the liquids they use for the tattoo process - from the disinfectants to the pigment inks. You’re welcome to ask your artist to see the lot number and expiration date of each ink bottle, and to watch them open their needles and tubes in front of you to verify that they use pre-sterilized materials for you. If they act defensive or reluctant, we would see that as a red flag. 

I have an idea for a custom tattoo. What should I do? Can I submit a drawing or description?

Yes, people generally write their ideas, send a sketch, and/or send image references to explain what they want. We can do a Zoom consultation to discuss before the actual appointment. Jenny does all the design work at the time of the actual appointment, however. That way the client is present during the process and we can do any edits if needed. Jenny does not do pre-draws.